How to Tie an Anchor Knot

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Tying an anchor knot is appropriate when tying a line onto an anchor on a boat, and it is a very quick way to repair a broken line. Practice tying the anchor knot with instructions from a rock climbing instructor in this free video on knot tying.

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Video Transcript

Hello. This is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you how to make an anchor knot. Of course, as the name says, this is the knot that you would use to hold an anchor if you just need to quickly attach one to your boat if the original line broke. We have on the table just kind of a little loop, just kind of signifying the end of the anchor, but you'll be able to easily tell and make that translation to an actual anchor knot. You take the rope that you're going to be attaching to the anchor and you just put it through once. Go to the left hand side of it and make another loop. And get yourself a good six to eight inches just so you have plenty to work with. And then this original first loop that you had made, go ahead and pull from the existing rope that's closest to you and make an extra little loop right there. And what you're going to do is wrap around this bottom here, and just go through that loop there and start to pull it tight, a little bit but not too much quite yet, but just make sure you have enough where just a quick little half-hitch, which just goes around the rope that is coming into the boat and just through that little loop that you just made. And you will pull this tight, it's okay to have a little bit of extra rope right there, doesn't hurt anybody, it kind of helps your knot to be extra secure. And it's a very simple knot, but it's also a very effective one, especially once it gets wet the rope will still hold itself very well. And that is the basic shape that you should end up with when your anchor knot is finished. Just kind of two coming up from the bottom, and two coming over and right as they come to a point on this end this rope comes out. That's the basic shape you want. And that is how to do an anchor knot. Thanks for watching.


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