How to Make a Paper Samurai Helmet

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Making a samurai helmet out of paper is similar to folding the paper in an origami style, which requires strong creases and precise folds. Make a samurai helmet out of paper with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you how to make a Samurai paper hat out of this paper. So you'll take your piece of paper, fold it in diagonal first, crease it, make sure your points are lined up in nice sharp creases, bring the outside lip point down to the bottom point, crease it and the same thing with your right. Now we fold these back up to the center and this one up to the center. What you are going to do is taking these two flaps you are going to kind of bring it sort of down, it doesn't necessarily have to be all the way down to this point but what you want to do is kind of make this be horizontal off of the triangle, kind of make it parallel with the bottom piece here this bottom piece here so I am going to kind of line this up with the other one and flatten this out like that. Then you bring this piece up about an inch down from the point here and you crease this just like that and then to keep that up there you take this, see where our little pink edge is here that fold you bring this bottom piece that you have left and you double fold it up over the edge just like that, turning your paper over and tuck about an inch inside right like this, folding it back up, that will tuck it back in and make it look a little bit better and here is your Samurai party hat. A little bigger would help though wouldn't it. This has been Lynn Reynolds. Hope you have had a great time. Thanks.


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