How to Make a Paper Kunai Knife

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To make a paper kunai knife, fold a black piece of paper into a simple triangle pouch, and create a loop handle that can be attached with a piece of tape. Make a kunai knife out of paper with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you today how to make a kunai knife. What you need is a little square piece of paper. I've chosen black, and it's a real simple fold. What you're going to do is do a triangular fold like that, and then I like to fold it one more time so I know where my center line is just like this and then open it back up. What you're going to do then is take and fold, turn it this way, and you are going to fold opposite so you're going to be folding up this way. Not this way as we did those other little folding paper ball things. You're going to fold the other way, vertically; run it to that middle line and crease, nice strong crease, and then fold it over. And then take; see where this edge is? What you want to do is just fold that down, and then what you're going to do is open it once, twice; tuck that back down in, and then put them back down, put it back to your original fold and then this fold. Then, you take your last side; bring it up to that center line that is still there, you just fold it up in the thing. Turn this over, and you still have that little triangle again. You're going to fold this down. Open it up like this, and then just bring that down inside just like that. That's the knife part. Now, what you need is a little bit of a handle part. You're going to need a longer piece. This is an inch by eight inches, and I have folded it in half, and then we'll fold it in half again which'll give us quarters cause' you want a nice skinny thing. And what you're going to be doing is making a little handle for this. So, you give it a couple inches, and fold it opposite so it's going in the opposite direction. You're going to fold it so it goes up like that. Decide how big you want your loop. Fold it back out. You just keep deciding, you know, what kind of a range you want there. Fold it back down cause' that's where I need to go, and then I'm going to bring it equal to this and fold it back up, and then back down again. So that's going to be kind of my little loop here like that. To hold this together I'm going to use a little piece of tape so it stays together cause' this is going to go inside the knife and it really won't be showing that much so however you want to shape that. Gonna' open this up; tuck it in, and if you have a staple you can just take and staple that. If you don't, once again, you can use some tape. If you want to secure it better you could even run another piece of tape around that way. So, the concept is you have a little handle here and you can twirl it around and flip it out, but maybe have a better direction. Have a great day.


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