How to Make Paper Frogs

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Paper frogs can be made like origami using a piece of perfectly square paper and strong creases. Learn to make an origami frog, which can be made to jump as well, with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to show you how to make a little paper frog, a little jumping paper frog. What you need is a square sheet of paper and I like to use color although my jumper is going to be a little white guy, white piece of paper. Take your paper, fold it in a diagonal crease, make sure your creases are good. Open it up, fold it in the opposite direction and crease. Fold it in the rectangle, you are using a square sheet of paper, and fold it in the other rectangle. Now leaving it in that rectangle your just going to pop this inside and that's why I like to do the diagonal so it makes my inversion work a lot easier so just like that. I'm going to turn it around and I'm going to have it flapping toward me. You bring the one end up, crease, bring up the other end to the edge of the first one and crease it down. Turn it to the side, you're going to take one little edge, tuck it to the middle, make sure the crease is in and bring this one to the intersecting point right there. So you have that. Take your top flap, bring it down to the first edge and fold it right over like this. That just helps it when you lay it back out you're going to open that up a little bit and just tuck that in. When you double fold that, that gives you kind of a nice little tab sticking that back in. Same thing with the other side, bring it first down to that edge that you've created and then pick it up and tuck it under or on top then let it go, open up this little pocket and then this should insert right in. So this is the top part of your frog. You're going to turn it over and instead of folding it up, you're going to bring these down so you're going to follow that middle edge, that middle fold you have, it's going to come to a point at the top, just like this, you're going to start on it's legs, bring this to the other, have to fix that first one. So they should meet in the middle just like this. Now to give him a little more spring, I like to take and fold his legs one more time, this time you're going to bring it to a point at the bottom like that, bring this outside edge in making sure it comes to a point down here. And crease that and then you take and fold this out a little bit, you're going to kind of, see how you're bringing you have this one diagonal line, you're going to just bring that out there vertical and the same thing with the other side. Just like that. Turn it back over, this is the top side. Now what you're going to do you're going to fold the whole frog over towards yourself almost where the little white spot is there. Crease it down and then fold it back and keep it to the edge of the legs here so that would be like this and then all you do to make him jump is you put your finger in the backside and you just slide your finger down like that. Sometimes if you make him a little bit smaller, they jump a lot higher. Hope you've had a great day, thanks for giving us a try. Bye.


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