How to Make Paper Footballs

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Paper footballs are made by folding a piece of paper into a long narrow strip, folding at a diagonal to get a small triangle and continuing to fold the paper to wrap the triangle completely. Create a paper football, which can be used for tabletop "field goals," with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you a paper football from a regular piece of paper. Taking your paper, and folding the whole side over to the other side, make sure your crease is nice and sharp and'll be like this. It's in half, and to cover up these paper holes, we're going to fold that way again and make it just lined up on the edges and crease down so you have a nice, skinny piece of paper like this. You are then going to take the top corner, and it, it helps me and I want to tell you that if you're going to be pointing it, folding it to a point, kind of hold your hand or finger down to that edge just to guide it and fold this down and crease it and the paper is kind of thick, so you always want to make sure you crease it really well. If you have problems, you could use a pencil or you could use the edge of a, a ruler. Something that won't cut up your paper a lot. You're now the going to fold it down flat like this, creasing that. Fold it over to the other side, so that's the third time. You're going to do this two more times. Fold it straight down and crease it again, that's four, and one more is five. Now just to get a little bit of a crease here you're going to fold this up and as long as we have these lines here, we're going to count to the third line down and you can either rip it or you can cut it off like this and what we like to do is to fold this in a little bit. Just gives us a better tab for tucking it in and what you're going to do is see this little pocket here, you're going to guide this paper inside here and press it in as well as you can and you could have fun decorating that drawing yourself little lines or faces on it or something, and are you ready? Set? Go! Touch-down! This has been Lynn Reynolds showing you how to make a paper football. Thanks!


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