How to Hem Dress Pants

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Hemming dress pants requires taking apart the existing hem, pinning it at the proper length, stitching a single fold, folding the hem one more time and stitching the second fold. Hem dress pants in a French seam to conceal all raw edges with instructions from a sewing craftsman in this free video on sewing.

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Hi, my name is Sam Lewis, from, and I'm here to talk to you about hemming dress pants. Rather than using a actual pair of dress pants, we're going to use these stand-in tubes of fabric, because you'll be able to see it and I'll be able to move it easier. First thing you want to do is to mark them with a pin on the inside and outside of the leg. To sew the the the pant hem turn the pants inside out so you'll be able to see all this hems on the inside, and if your fabric is more than about an inch and a half you're going to want to trim off the extra at the bottom of the leg, or if it's less than an inch and a half just make sure that you pull the old hem apart so you've got your random, your raw fabric on the edge. First thing you're going to want to do is flip your fabric roughly halfway down between the edge of the fabric and your final hemline, one there, one there. As you're going, make sure that your hems and your seam lines are all straight. Take your fabric in your sewing machine; drop your presser foot, and run a seam all the way along the bottom edge of your fabric. Back your thread up to lock it. For your second turnover want to pull your pin, fold your fabric to where it belonged and re-pin. It is not a bad idea to use more than just the two pins to lay it out, cause' the more pins you have the more accurate your measurement will be at the end. You sew it from the outside, if you fold it from the outside and see where the pin lays and pin the fabric. It's best to iron your final seam before you sew it. Once you have it ironed and ready to go you want to edge sew your final seam, which is basically sewing as close as you can comfortably get to the very edge of your fabric. I find between a sixteenth and an eighth of an inch is a pretty good compromise. As you reach your pins hold your fabric; pull the pin out. Continue all the way around your pant leg. Back up to lock your stitch, cut off. Flip your material, and you have a new hem.


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