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To sew patches on a pair of jeans, first flip the pants inside out, trim the excess threads from the torn hole, lay the patch fabric over the hole, and stitch it carefully to the jeans, making sure the patch overlaps the entire torn area. Sew patches on a pair of jeans with instructions from a sewing craftsman in this free video on sewing.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Sam Lewis from and I'm here to talk about patching jeans. The first thing you want to do when you have got a pair of jeans that need patching is flip them inside out. These as you can see are a well worn pair of jeans with no knees. Go along the outside edge and cut away all of the wadded threads and stuff that has been caught in them. You want nice flat fabric to work with. I'm going to go ahead and put a patch on the inside and rather than use a commercial one I'm just going to use a piece of flat canvas. You can use a piece of another pair of jeans or buy a patch or you know any fabric that is reasonably heavy will work just fine. Take the leg of your jeans, thread it underneath your presser foot, pull it through the back side of your tear, set your presser foot down, hold your fabric so that you're overlapping and go ahead and sew. Lock your thread at the end, snip your thread off above and below and now pull your fabric back through to the other end, set your presser foot down again but this one is going to be a little trickier because you are going to want to pull it a little bit closed but the pants aren't going to sit right if you pull the two ends completely together so you are going to have the patch showing so sew slowly along, keep checking underneath to make sure you are catching your fabric correctly. Once you have reached the end of your material, press your needle into the fabric, rotate the fabric carefully because you can have all this mass of a leg in your way, drop your presser foot, roll it through back and forward back and forward to lock your stitch, pull it through, cut your thread, pull it back through, do the same thing on the other edge. Lift your presser foot up, flip them inside out, clean up your remaining rough edges and you will have a few errant threads because you couldn't cut it off in the middle of the job and those are some tips on how to patch jeans.


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