How to Dress Punk for Cheap

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To dress punk for cheap, rip up tight jeans with a razor blade, draw or paint on Doc Marten boots, create bleach stains on plain T-shirts, and put safety pins all over the clothes. Add chains around the neck or wrists for a punk outfit with tips from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on punk clothes.

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Video Transcript

How to dress punk cheap. Well, how to dress punk cheap. We're going to have to think first on the whole punk concept. So let's look at Exploited and a few of those other guys. What are they mostly wearing? Tight jeans, ripped-up shirts, safety pins, razor blades -- all those things come to mind when I think of punk. So for a cheap, easy punk, you're going to want to go into your closet and pull out some jeans, scratch them up, razor blade them. Let me tell you, razor blades is definitely one of those cheap things you can pick up at the dollar store and use to cut up anything. You can put slices in any of the jeans. In fact, I've done great punk looks where you've shredded the pants all the way down, giving yourself a nice, rough edge all the way around it. Throw it through the washing machine, and that'll give it a nice, roughed edge, even more punk-esque, and really give you a great pair of pants. So razor blades are your best friend when it comes to ripping up pants and things of that nature for a great punk pant look. Of course, Doc Martens, combat-style boots, all of those are great things to put on your feet for a punk look. Particularly, a good, cheap thing to do is to go to the thrift stores and find some beat-up boots and add your own little punk vibe to them. Maybe draw some kind of punk picture on them or your favorite punk band. Maybe paint their name on those boots or something of that nature and give you a really great cheap punk shoe that way as well. Of course, going and just finding a fun t-shirt out of the closet. If not, pick yourself something up that's just plain. And once again, pull out that nice cheap bottle of bleach. It works great on anything colored. Just start splashing that bleach on it and let it eat through the shirt. You're going to start getting some crazy punk spots. It'll eat through it in certain areas, so those...that's a really good special effect to add to your shirt. And you can, as well, add that to a pants look for a good punk look as well. Those are all good techniques that people pay hundreds of dollars for jeans and tops that come like that that you can design yourself for under two dollars. So a little time, some bleach, razor blades, and you're good to go. Once again, you're going to want to bring in those little details of punk, so safety pins are definitely a wonderful feature. Pick up a bag of safety pins of a variety of sizes. Just simply start pinning them wherever you'd like on your look. You can't go wrong. Maybe do your whole collar in safety pins. Maybe even add the safety pins in your ears or add them already to hoops -- something like that. Safety pins are a great, great punk look that are super cheap and are easy to do. So just put those safety pins anywhere and everywhere you can find them can give you a really good, cheap punk look. So I think, really, just to finish off the punk look, you'll want to maybe go hunting. Maybe you have a pet or something like that that has some nice, thick chains. You can put that around your neck, your wrists. All these ideas together are going to give you a great, cheap punk look.


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