How to Create a Showgirl Costume

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To create a showgirl costume, attach sequins and trim to a leotard or bustier, wear fishnet stockings, decorate gloves with sequins, and wear high heels. Decorate a fancy hat for a showgirl costume using instructions from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on costumes.

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Video Transcript

How to create a showgirl costume. Well showgirls can be a little tricky, but let me try to break it down easy for you. I think the best thing for you to do as far as easiness, is just to go and simply find a, a bathing suit or a leotard, something of that nature, very much like our mannequin has on here. Now you can see that we very easily tacked on trim, a little bit of sequins just right on to the leotard. You can glue it, they have great glue fabrics for this kind of project. Or you can hand stitch it or machine stitch it, if that's something that you're capable of doing. You can also see that we add a little bit of the fringe, that adds a great bottom, especially if you are a little concerned about being naked around the thigh areas, the fringe is a really nice way to go with the showgirl look and yet giving you a little bit of cover-up. We don't have any tights on our mannequin today but definitely adding some tights, fishnets, those kind of things are great things to add to your showgirl as well. You can easily buy those at department stores, places like that. Of course you want to finish it off with some heels, things like that. For the feet. Some great gloves. There are patterns out there for you to make gloves. You can purchase some gloves. And again glue on matching sequins, giving it a very matchy poo look as well. Here is another option, you can get a bustier, and very easily glue and stitch on fringe and jewels, things of that nature that are very showgirlesque, that glue on and sew very well. And you can see how this bustier was done very easily and makes a great top for a showgirl as well. You can put, just a plain black bottom with it and this will speak very easily as showgirl. Now one of the most complicated pieces to a showgirl is really the headpiece. Here we have, just a felt piece that has wire wired through it. Just a coat hanger, it was simply glued inside. We went through it, and with puff paint and jewels, decorated the front, hot gluing the feathers on it, giving you a great showgirl hat. Another great showgirl hat to do, is to simply find those visors. Thrift stores, stores that carry visors, things like that. Just simply flip them up and you have a wonderful headpiece already started. You can then come in with the feathers, gluing them in, adding that height, giving you a great showgirl headpiece. These ideas work really great for creating wonderful showgirl pieces. So if you're not into doing the glue and wire, then maybe, just simply finding a, a piece like this to use is a easier route for you. Of course getting some boas and attaching them to the back of your headpiece, is a great way to finish off the showgirl headpiece. You can also attach these to your tush area in the back of your leotard, giving you that tail that's very popular for showgirls as well. Don't forget your high-heeled shoes, your eyelashes and some great makeup. Of course some showgirl hair will go a long way. And those are going to give you the best showgirl costume there.


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