How to Create a '40s Costume for Women

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Create a '40s costume for women with calf-length skirts or dresses, fitted waists, chunky heels, gloves and a matching hat. Finish off a 1940s costume with simply makeup and a great bob hairstyle using advice from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on costumes.

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Video Transcript

How to create a 40s Woman's Costume. Well the best way to do that is to go into the closet and look for a dress that has a calf length or at least knee length on the skirt part. You wouldn't want to do anything too too short. As well you could do of course a top and skirt combo as well. You'll want something with a little bit of flare on the skirt whether it be a dress or just the skirt that you are doing you need to have a little bit of a flare. So as you can see on the model here this one has a nice little shape to the skirt and it is fitted in the waist. Now if you don't have any dresses that are fitted in the waist, that's not a problem, pull those out and that's just when you come in and bring in a belt and cinch it in at the waist and that's going to give you a great fitted look as well so all those sack dresses that are very modern for today you can go ahead and gather them and give you a good 40's look. Now you'll also want to take note of some cute little shoes, something with a nice chunky heel, nothing too pointy is good for a 40's look and you'll also want to add some fun 40's accessories. Gloves are a for sure thing as well as some cute little matching hat to go with it. Those are all fun things that you can find in a local vintage shop, costume rental shop or just maybe possibly having something left over from Grandma when she was very popular in the 40's. So once you've got all those fun looks you're going to want to give a little bit of a thought to your hair and makeup. Makeup is just simply a little bit of eyeliner, high cheeks and some great lips. You'll also want to do some kind of good hair style, either a bob and this is a modern short modern bob but a little bit more of a period 40's bob would be down to the shoulder so if you don't want to sport your modern bob you might want to get a wig or something like that to take it down to the shoulder and then of course if your own hair is that length, just curl it up or roll it under with some kind of cute side part. Those are all very good 40's looks. If you have overly long hair perhaps past the shoulder, hair nets were a very good option for the 40's, very period and you put those up into the hair adding the hat with that as well, both of those are very easy 40's looks to accomplish. And there you have it, an easy 40's women's costume to create out of the closet at home.


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