How to Become a Goth Woman

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Become a goth woman by wearing all black, using fishnets for arm gloves and tights, wearing a black wig, using white powder foundation and applying black eyeliner and lipstick. Accessorize a goth outfit with black boots, a cape and black nail polish using advice from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on goth clothes.

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Video Transcript

How to dress Gothic. Well, Gothic is really quite simple. Go into your closet and look for black. Anything black is Gothic. Of course, wonderful things to keep in mind, are like fishnets, and if they've got holes, don't be afraid of them, and not just for your legs either, but for arm gloves, things of that nature, fishnets are great, but any kind of black stuff out of your closet. Skirts, you remember skirts can become goth. If you've got anything great like the corsets, that's cool too, but really just a black top, black bottom piece, whether it's a long skirt, short skirt and tights. Whatever the deal is, just make sure it's black, because that's what Goth is all about. After you've got the black ensemble, you're going to want to think about the other details. It's really great to have black hair, but if you don't, like in Kelly's case, adding a wig is always a great option, so here we've like added a very great bob length style, black style wig, to really bring out that Gothic look. You're also want to going to do a pale look. There's wonderful things out there, to help you with that. Some very nice Gothic white powder, is great over your own light foundation at home, to give you a very nice white look, because that's also very much part of that Goth look, and as you can see with Kelly here, the black lips is great. You can also do maybe a red with a lined black liner, or something to that effect, but you're going to want black on your lips one way or another. You're also going to want to smoke in the eyes a little bit more, with some black eyeliner, really make that Goth look pop. You're going to want to finish it all off, with maybe some black heeled boots, or some kind of stomper style black boots, something to that effect. Remember, stay with that theme of black. Other accessories that you could use, a cape, very often you see Gothic women wearing. That's always a fun look. Here we've added a fun scarf, just to give her a little warmth, for later in the evening, but other than that, capes, shawls, overcoats, long overcoats, all of those are great looks for on top of your Goth attire, and we didn't finish it off with Kelly, but always remember, a nice ending detail is some black fingernails. Kelly's got another event, and doesn't want her black nails, but always remember, black nails are great, and if you want that long look, you can always get some false ones, just like this, and that is great for a great, great Gothic look, and all of these put together, will give you the best Gothic look you can have.


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