How Does a Girl Dress Punk Pop?

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A girl dressing in punk pop clothing could wear band T-shirts, fitted vests, leggings, short skirts, pirate skull accessories, fun colors and metallic jewelry. Finish off a punk pop look with stylized hair and popular makeup styles using advice from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on punk pop outfits.

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Video Transcript

How to dress punk pop. Well punk pop is a little different than punk. I haven't changed Nicole up too much from our punk series that we did just so that you understand a little bit of differences between the punk and the pop because there isn't really very much. Your hardcore punks would be exploited where a punk pop would be more like Beck. A little bit more mainstream. So you're going to want to think a little bit more mainstream when you're doing your punk. Simply you can stick to the same rules of safety pins and roughed up t-shirts and band t-shirts to represent along with jeans and leggings and things of that nature. When you do go punk pop, very often you see the girls running around with leggings and short skirts, very often you will see them with the mainstream pirate skulls and things of that nature. Those are all forms of punk pop. Here we've just added a cute little vest over to give it a little bit more of a mainstream fitted look versus kind of a ralius poke. So once again when you're thinking pop, think a little bit more mainstream fitted, your colors become expanded, they're not so muted, you can certainly bring in a lot of fun colors with punk pop. As you can see we've brought in the bright blue with her headband, also again the bling you can see as well, you can the bling on her wrists. It isn't just about chains for the punk look now you bring in the punk pop which opens you up to the bright silvers, the fun purples, the little stars. Once again the skulls and crossbones. Here's an example of a punk pop headband. This one's very cute with it's sequins glitter and Mickey Mouse Disneyland Mickey ears on it. So once again, very mainstream punk pop. So think of that when you're putting together your punk pop look. Remember to definitely finish it off with a stylized hair, something that would be very popular would be like a sold out kind of pompadour look. And once again of course the headband is great. And then of course you'll want to add some lips, some eyes, all of those are very important for a punk pop lady. And these ideas put together with your own tricks, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful punk pop outfit.


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