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Find celebrity inspired dresses by researching what celebrities are wearing, looking at red carpet events and finding edgy, daring dresses that are low-cut or with cut outs. Add interesting accessories to celebrity dresses, such as scarves, flowers or gems, with help from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on celebrity clothes.

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How to create celebrity inspired dresses. You're going to want to do some research on what celebrities are wearing, you're going to want to look at the Oscars and things like that, red carpet events where they're wearing beautiful gowns and whatnot so you can really get an idea of what's popular for now. You'll want to look at colors, you'll want to look at styles. Now just to let you know that celebrity dresses tend to be a little edgy. Just simply in the idea that they can be very revealing so feel confident that with things like two-way tape, that's how those girls get away with all that good stuff. So don't be afraid to do anything celebrity inspired that is quite revealing because there's good old double sided tape, just peel that off, put it on the body, unpeel the other side and stick the dress to it and it does a great cover-up. So any of those very daring drop in the front style, let's say if we were to take Heather's dress here and say we wanted a little bit more daring, more celebrity style. We can simply cut down the front of it, giving ourselves out a nice little V front there, you don't even have to sew, you can just get some seam glue and you put that seam glue right on there and it stops it from fraying or you can go ahead and give it a little stitch perhaps putting some trim on it as well giving it a nice little bling V front there, you can do that with some glue or sewing. Either way, just bring that little two-way tape in, run it around right along the V front there and you can be feel confident that you won't lose your front of your dress to any unexpected photos. Now other ideas for a celebrity inspired dress is besides cutting out of course, Kate Olsen was just seen recently in a gown that had large circles taken out of the side of her dress. That would be simply very easy to do by just cutting it out and once again putting the seam glue on it, three large circles giving you a great celebrity inspired dress just recently worn by Kate Olsen. Also a wonderful thing that's out there to do to simple shift dresses like this where they just are form fitting to the body but don't have a lot of personality, yet you can come in with great scarfs, a lot of the celebrities are wearing very low front gathered scarf like fronts. These can be cut very low and as well using the tape to allow a very naughty celebrity style dress. They're also taking scarfs like this and tying it to the waist giving them very dramatic sashes down the side, some of them are putting them up around the waist giving themselves a nice fitted in kind of waist, tying those off. So you'll see a lot of dresses being inspired in that direction, all simple things to do with a great good looking dress and some fun scarf accessories. Of course there's dresses out there that a lot of celebrities are wearing where they have the whole side taken out and they're adding see through deluxe like trim to the sides. That's a very simple thing to do, you wouldn't even have to cut it out, you could just simply add the trim on it giving it a very interesting celebrity style look as well. And right now, lots of accessories I've seen gowns with lots of flower and gems, you can wear little trinkets all hanging here and there, whatnot, everywhere. So these are all ideas for celebrity inspired dresses, just simply go in and do some research on what celebrity you're looking for. Find something that's easy enough with a simple shift form fitting dress and then go and find those fun accessories that really make that dress more celebrity appealing. And of course some great makeup, a lovely hair for the red carpet and you're ready to be any celebrity you'd like to be.


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