Applying Fairy Makeup

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Apply fairy makeup that includes lots of glitter, glued-on gems, tattoo decals, false eyelashes and metallic eyeshadow. Use shimmering lip gloss and blush for fairy makeup with instructions from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on fairy makeup.

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Video Transcript

What a fun thing, fairy makeup. The imagination is endless really when it comes to fairies. When I think of fairies I think of glitter first of all and lots of it. Glitter, gems, sequins, feathers, little odds and ends, things of that nature come to mind. So I think that when we want to do a fairy makeup we want to include some of those things on our style of makeup that we're going to do. An easy way to get gems on the face, fun little things like this, they come decaled or you can get them just individually jeweled. Can apply those easily with eyelash glue anywhere, all over, whatever the heart's content is. A very easy thing to do. OK another great thing to put on the face easy to do are tattoos. Now you're going to want to apply tattoos along with the gems when the face is fresh so without any foundation or any other kind of makeup on. It's much easier to get both the tattoos especially on like that and the glue to stay as well. So keep that in mind when you're doing the makeup. Though the glue will stay better with foundation on where the tattoos it's almost impossible to get it to stay once you have makeup on already. And just the follow the tattoo directions, it's easy. Another great thing is eyelashes to add to your fairy as well. These are just the basic regular pair of eyelashes, nothing too extraordinary. They have wonderful ones out there that have gems, that have feathers, they have all kinds of fun things already glued on them so you don't have to do anything at all. But I just want to show you an easy trick that if you just have basic eyelashes that you can do to give them a little bit of some interest. You're going to just want to take a little pair of scissors, those manicure ones that you have work just fine and maybe do something interesting like if those are, this is our outside piece so maybe we want it to extenuate out, more of a cat eye look. You don't have to start in the middle, if we want to really overextend it, we can start closer to the middle of the eye and don't worry if you don't get it right the first or you feel like you're getting glue everywhere because eyelash glue cleans up really easy. You have to be patient. You need to wait a few minutes to let it dry up and get a little set in it's way before you start opening and closing the eye. So just give it a few minutes, get a little tack. If you don't have nails or you feel uncomfortable getting in there, find yourself a little tool that you can poke with and just stick it right in there, tell your model not to be afraid, it will be OK, let's see what we've got. This one's great and you can see how I took it way down to give it an interesting look there. So I think that we'll go ahead and do something different on the other side. Like I said, use some metallics are always fun, glitter is always fun. I've got some silver and I've got some gold. I'm going to use that both around the eyes there I think. We've got this great pink with a little bit of a sparkle shimmer to it, we're going to use that for some blush action. And to finish it all off, I've got some great glossy iridescent glitter that's really great just to finish it all off. So Nicole looks great with this gold shimmer dust. We're going to add this all over. Don't worry about matching one side to the other, I'm sure your fairies were moving around too much in the forest to keep their makeup straight one way or the other anyways. Gold silver dusk has a shadow because it is a little darker here so anywhere you want shadowing keep that in mind when you're using your colors, even the shimmers. We're going to come in with a little bit of color for the cheeks. And a little bit of gloss to finish it all off. I love this stuff, I don't know how well it's going to show up on camera but up close this gives the most beautiful purple iridescent look, it's really a nice way to finish off any kind of fairy makeup. We're going to go ahead and add some gems just to give it a finished look. Giving you a fine, great, fun, fairy look.


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