What to Wear at a Disco Party

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At a disco party, wear anything shiny, sparkly, metallic or glittery, don a short skirt or hot pants, wear platform shoes or boots, and flip the hair in the Farrah Fawcett style. Draw on cat-eye makeup to complete a disco party look with a demonstration from a costume designer in this free video on costume fashion.

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Video Transcript

What to wear to a disco party. Well, you're going to want to just think sparkle, shiny, seventies, metallic. That is what you want to keep in mind for disco. You really want that Saturday Night Feverish look. So anything shiny, silver, gold. Shiny blacks. Any of your metallics are going to work great. As you can see with Kelly, we've pulled out a vintage piece. This is actually a great, fun little poncho piece that we've just tossed on over her, that you could do a very similar tube top feature with the sequins. Any of these sequined looks are great for a disco look. Tube tops were definitely very popular during the seventies, so those are all great looks. As far as for your pants, we've put together a cute little skirt piece for her. You could do bell-bottoms. You could hot shorts, something very, very short. A little cheekage almost showing, those are all very popular for that disco seventies look. As well, you're going to want to keep that thematic into your shoes, some nice, shiny gold ones. Silver ones. Anything with a good shine. Definitely heels are more appropriate. The platform, of course, was very popular during that time, as well, so having the platform heel versus the thin, pointy heel is just as appropriate. So, all of those are great for a fun disco. Those go-go boots are still being worn very heavily, so you can even throw those on. Just make sure you've got it with the metallic shines and what not of the disco seventies versus that plastic, platiny sixties attire. So, to finish off your disco look, nothing screams better than the Farrah Fawcett do, so, certainly going with something like that is going to be great, great for your disco look. Kelly, here, we've changed up her look just simply by adding a wig. This is a Farrah Fawcett styled wig, so it's easy. You just throw it on and it's already styled for you. If you're lucky enough to have good length, and a fringed bang is going to work better than a straight hair, but you can make it work a little bit with that straight hair, as well. Just simply pulling it back with a round brush or a curling iron to give back that nice Farrah Fawcett flip back. Doing that on both sides, maybe a little bit more of a side part, but something to that effect, giving you a great Farrah Fawcett look. If you're not going to do the Farrah Fawcett look, please keep in mind Cher during the disco times and her long, straight, straight hair. Those are all very popular disco looks. And of course, any style Afro will work, male or female, and they were were very popular with colors during that time. So feel free to pull out that hot pink Afro, that's going to be great fun for a disco look. Nothing screams more than hoops for a disco look. Of course there's disco balls and other such fun jewelry pieces that you can add for the ears. Any of the big metal jewelry is great for a disco look, anything that, you know, stars, moons, anything celestial like that is going to be great for a piece to wear for your disco ensemble. And just finish it off with, maybe, some eyelashes or lots of mascara, at least. Really get those eyes to pop. Some...a little bit of liner. Watch your eye shadows. You're not going to want to get too crazy into metallics, but definitely, a little bit of metallic is fun. Of course, you can always do a little bit of color. Leave that blue for more of the eighties, though. You can do a lighter blue to the lid, and keep that a little bit of the disco is okay, but there's of other colors to choose from. And definitely get those lips out there. They were very much into the shine, so you can do a little bit of a gloss on those lips. You can even throw a little bit of that clear gloss up on the eyes and get a little bit of a shine up there. And all those ideas put together are going to give you a great disco look.


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