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Wood lathe accessories include a headstock hand wheel, a spur drive, a mandrel and a multi-spurred chuck, all of which make the woodworking projects easier to complete. Discover a few accessories to use with a lathe with information from a woodworking craftsman in this free video on wood crafts.

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Hi, I'm Dave Trull with the Trull Gallery, a custom furniture shop in St. Petersburg Florida, and we're going to talk about wood lathe accessories. Some of the basic accessories come with many lathes but not all, first one you'll see is a hand wheel that attaches to your headstock, and just makes it easier to turn your spindle when the lathe is off, making adjustments. Spur drive, again, generally comes with most wood lathes, and that's going to help hold your stock in place. If you're doing bolt turning as oppose to spindle turning you'll need a faceplate, this would again mount onto your spindle in place of the spur center, your train will be screwed straight to the faceplate and now you can spin, turn a bolt very easily, with a lot of stability. Another item that's going to come definitely as an accessory is a mandrel, and this is used for turning hollow items like pens, pencils, things like that, there are certain sizing for certain turnings. This again would be used as a between centers turning and holds your stock very securely, and it's really good with small items. There's also multi spurred chucks, and these are really nice because it allows you to turn, similar to faceplate turning but holding with a different mechanism, and again it would go where the faceplate is on now. Some of the more basic accessory you might want to look at is a center finder, if you've already got a round piece of stock that you're working with this will allow you to find the center of the stock, handy, very inexpensive tool. Calipers, there's several types of calipers, there's inside calipers, these are outside calipers, these will measure the outside of a turning, an inside caliper, they're actually flared the opposite way so you can measure the inside of a turning. And one of the more important tools or accessories that you might want to look at is a slow speed grinder for turning your tools. I prefer a slow speed because it's not going to burn your tools while you're sharpening them, it's a really handy item to keep right nearby your lathe. Okay, we've just talked about some lathe accessories, and I'm Dave Trull with the Trull Gallery, the fine art of furniture making.


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