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Turning tools used in conjunction with a wood lathe include the gouge, a parting tool, the skew, a face plate and a multi-jawed chuck. Gather turning tools to create a variety of cuts and textures with information from a woodworking craftsman in this free video on wood crafts.

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Hi, I'm Dave Trull with the Trull Gallery, a custom furniture shop in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I'm going to talk about wood lathe tools. One of the most basic tools is a gouge. The gouge lets you take your rough stock down to near your final dimension, or it moves stock rather quickly. Comes in different sizes, and different curves, to let you get into different sized tight and not-so-tight spaces. The next tool is a parting tool. It's a flat tool with a diamond tip, allows you to set the depth of your cuts by cutting into... down to the final depth you want, and then coming back with your gouge and gives you a... that way you'll know when to stop. Then there's the skew... crooked top... diamond point, again... this will let you clean up your stock after you've used your gouges, bring it down just before your sanding, give you a really nice finish on your edge. And the last tool I'm going to talk about is the scraper... a little bit different, where it has a flat back and a beveled face. Also used to clean up after your gouges, let's you get in to, in this case, a curved area, or... another style is got the pointed top to get into some tighter areas as well. Couple of other tools I want to talk about really quickly... a face plate allows you to mount it onto the drive spur of your chuck, and allows you to hold stock securely while you're turning. Something similar to the face plate, is a multi-jawed chuck... mounts the same way on the head of your chuck... sorry, the head of your lathe, and as the chuck draws open and closed, they can either grab wood from the inside or the outside, securing it to your head stock, and allowing you to turn there as well. So those are some of the basic tools and accessories for wood turning. I'm Dave Trull with the Trull Gallery, at the fine art of furniture making.


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