Decorating a Car for a Wedding

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Decorating a wedding getaway car should be a fun, tasteful activity that won't create an hard feelings, but painting the windows, adding balloons and attaching signs are all fun and innocent ways to decorate a festive getaway. Decorate a car for a wedding with creative ideas from an event coordinator in this free video on weddings.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Becky Sosa, with, and I'd like to talk to you about, talk to you about decorating the getaway car for the wedding. This passage has gone on for years and years, but nobody knows exactly where it started. One of the things to do in decorating the car is to consider your friendship. You don't want to do anything that's going to ruin the friendship later. I've heard stories of fish smells in cars that have never gone away, but do, at the same time, have fun. Paint the windows. You can buy car window paint at all the craft stores and party stores. Avoid shoe polish, because as that starts to flake and peel it can peel the paint off the car later. We had confetti coming out of our car for months, so that was always definitely fun. There's so much that you can do to a car. Writing on the windows don't be afraid to be a little risque. On our car, you can see here that they wrote things like having a hard day's night. That alluded to the fact that my husband is a huge Beatles fan. Also, things like getting lucky tonight. They're not going to get you pulled over by the cops, but it's fun. Also, limiting how the couple can get into the car is fun. I've been at a wedding where they've taken giant shrink-wrap, wrapped to the car, and shrunk it down. At least there was a best man standing by with a knife to let them in after the couple stood there a while getting pelted with birdseed. Have fun with it. Make sure you get the keys beforehand, and make sure that your friendship's going to be safe when it's all done. Thanks a lot. And this is how you can decorate a car.


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