How to Make a Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquet

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Make a Gerber daisy wedding bouquet by picking the color of the flowers, starting with a single stem and then spiraling the flowers around the center bloom, making sure to keep each flower slightly higher than the last. Wrap a Gerber daisy wedding bouquet with ribbon, making sure not to break any stems, with instructions from a florist in this free video on wedding flowers and floral arrangements.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christine Holanda. I'm the owner of Lily of the Valley Florist in La Quinta, California. Today I'm going to show you how to make a Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquet. First of all you start with the Gerber Daises of choice. They come, as you can see in many colors and it really depends on what you want to do. You can do multi-colored, one-color. We've chosen to do ours in various shades of orange; nice bright color. Basically what you do is you start with a single stem and then you simply spiral the other flowers around it, always trying to keep one just a bit higher than the rest because they do tend to crowd each other. The petals are quite wide and somewhat intrusive to the others. You have your basic bouquet; now you want to add your greens and your filler. We've chosen a purple misty, which is a nice soft kind of a different texture than the Gerber Daisy. And you always want to make sure that you remove any of the foliage or blooms that are below, kind of the bottom of, or the base I should say of the bouquet because that will get in your way. And then we're going to add our greens to kind of crown the bottom. Now you do not want to hold this bouquet very tightly because these are very fragile blooms and they will snap at the base of the head, somewhat easily. If they are somewhat at room temperature, you have a little better chance of, of that not happening. And then prior to, you can cut your sticky floral tape and you have it ready. And then you just simply wrap at the base of the blooms. Take another piece about the same length, about six inches, wrap that around the bottom and then you kind of take a look at it, make sure it looks exactly like you want it to be. Then you cut the stems to the desired length. Then we're going to wrap it in a coordinating ribbon. Typically brides like their ribbons to be white. This could be either way, it's really up to them, whatever they prefer. This could be used as a bridal bouquet. You always want to make sure that you kind of break off any pieces that are hanging that might make it look messy. Anyway, this could be used for bridal bouquet or bridesmaids or junior bridesmaids, anyone who is involve in the wedding party could certainly carry this lovely, colorful bouquet. And then you take the end which will fray, you make sure you want to fold it under and then you pin it. Now you can get pins from any craft store, local craft store. They come in pearl, colors, gems, whichever you prefer; we've used the basic, just black ball pin for this particular bouquet. We don't really want to draw attention to them. See how this is poking through the other side. This is not what you want to do. You need to make sure that before you deliver this to the bride or you carry it yourself, that you don't have any little pieces of this pin coming through because it can be quite uncomfortable. And this is how you make a Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquet.


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