How to Make Wedding Flowers From Silk Flowers

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When making wedding flowers from silk flowers, use the largest bloom in the middle, spiral the other flowers in a circle around it and fill in with greenery and smaller flowers. Create silk bridal bouquets that will never die with advice from an experienced floral designer in this free video on weddings.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Christine Holanda and I am the owner of Lily of the Florist in La Quinta, California and today I am going to show you how to make a silk wedding bouquet. First of all you start with your silk flowers of choice. I have chosen white peonies, white lily of the valley and just some green ivy leaves. You are going to do basically the same thing you do with a fresh bouquet. You are going to start with your largest flower first and you will spiral your other flowers around it. When you finish spiraling you then would add smaller flowers which would be the lily of the valley and you add that just where you need it to kind of keep an eye on it, maybe go to the mirror and look and also string it right through here and then you will see where it comes out of the bottom. When you are all finished adding the flower, the desired amount of flowers I would say you add your greens. You always want to make sure there is no greens below the base line of the flowers or it will get somewhat cumbersome. So you can just cut them like this and kind of tuck them right where you want them. You see where I have got some lily of the valley right here and we want to raise that up just a scoach so it doesn't kind of get in our way. Just go around and tuck it. Again this is a large piece so we cut that down a bit and you want to take this to the mirror just as you would a fresh bouquet and take this to the mirror and make sure that it is the right size that you like and consistency of flowers. Prior to I have cut my sticky floral tape about six inches and you take this and you just tape it all the way around the stems. With silk flowers you don't need to worry so much about being gentle because they certainly don't have the capability of breaking quite like fresh, take another piece of tape and you wrap it around the bottom and then you go back and you take a look at it and you bend and pull and twist and make it just the way you want it to be. Then you take the stems and you cut them according to the length that you would like them to be with wire cutters of course and then you wrap them. Start at the top and you just begin to wrap it around and you hold it very tight and make sure that the wrapping is pretty consistent when you get to the bottom you cut it. Take the bottom because this end will fray, fold it under and then you pin it and you can use as many or as few pins as you would like. They can be found at any local craft store. You always want to make sure that you rub your finger down the opposite side so that if there is any of the pins sticking out it is not going to poke anyone and this is how you make wedding flowers from silk flowers.


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