How to Make Bridal Flowers

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Making bridal flowers involves using a variety of color, texture and height to create unique arrangements and bouquets, all while staying within the theme of the wedding. Find the perfect wedding flowers with advice from an experienced floral designer in this free video on weddings.

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Hi, my name is Christine Holanda. I'm with Lily of the Valley Florist, in La Quinta, California. Today, I'm going to show you how to make bridal flowers. There are many types of bridal flowers. We have wedding; this would be the bridal bouquet, and then on a smaller scale we do have the bridesmaids, or flower girl, or whomever bouquet. And then, we also have, of course, the boutonniere for the groom, the groomsmen, ushers, etc. This time, at this time, I'm going to show you how to make a centerpiece. This can either go in the center of the table, or on a buffet piece, and anyplace that you might want to use something somewhat linear and tall. First of all, I've kind of done a a little bit prior to here; I I take the curly willow which is the kind of a brown stick stuff, and you wrap it around and you put it inside of the vase, and that helps to kind of support the flowers that you're going to be placing in the vase. Then, I've added some greens, some basic linear flowers, some pussy willow just for a little more height, and then some mums for some color. We're going to add some red roses to kind of go with our theme of this particular wedding. Take the stems; you cut them at an angle. The reason you cut them at an angle is so that it increases the surface area for the flower to drink the water; typically, a forty-five degree angle. You take that and you place it in an area that needs some color; as you can see, we kind of needed something happening over here, and then you just continue throughout. And occasionally, you want to stand back and take a look. Okay, I think we need something more in this area. Add a lily for a little more color, little different texture and interest. You can take smaller pieces of roses; kind of crown the bottom with that. And then, this is one of the darker colored roses that we did use for the bridal bouquet which would also pull the whole theme together, and we're just going to add this. We kind of look around and see exactly where you think it might like, might be, and I think over here would be very nice, add your lily. And then, as with everything else you want to add some filler flower to soften the appearance of the overall arrangement. That kind of goes around the front, and you are so, you're absolutely not limited to any type of flower here. You can use any type of filler or greenery that you'd prefer, add any kind of flowers you want. The main thing that you want to remember is that you want to keep the basic theme of the wedding throughout; meaning you want at least one or two blooms from the bridal bouquet, along with the other reds that have been kind of a theme throughout with this wedding. And there you have it. You have a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table, the you know guest tables, the buffet table, anywhere you think that you would like to use something like this. You can make this in a smaller version in a container like this. This can be found in any local craft store. You take the foam, the it's called oasis foam; it's just a foam that sucks up water, you tape it to the container. And then you just add greens, and then you would add these flowers accordingly to make kind of a smaller arrangement to suit, again, any situation that you would would want to fulfill. This is how you make bridal flowers.


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