How to Torch Creme Brulee Topping

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Torched sugar topping is the signature feature of crème brulee, and our expert is here to teach you how to torch it in this free dessert recipe video.

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Video Transcript

Today we are going to learn how to make creme brulee. I have to tell you this part is my favorite part of all and that is torching it. I have my trusty little kitchen torch here so let's torch and caramelize that top layer of sugar. If you notice it starts to bubbling up, it is starting to caramelizing. It is going to turn really hot and this is the best part for me. The part that I love is that crunchy top, crunchy hot top and on the bottom is that cold custard. Can you see that? It is caramelized and that is/we are going to let that dry a little bit and that is going to be nice and hard and crunchy. I'm going to get it one more time. That is perfect. We would take that off to the side and do one more here. Get my nice trusty kitchen torch. Now if you don't have one of these you can actually take this and put it in the broiler for a couple of minutes. That would do the job a lot of people do that cause not everybody has a kitchen torch. But these kitchen torches are not expensive I got this at a store with actually a couple of bowls for about 13 bucks or something. So really cool little thing to have in the kitchen that is coming along nicely. There you go let's do one more. Put that right there and turn on our kitchen torch. Look at that you can see the brown sugar on top just bubbling up as it caramelizes. I think we are good to go.


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