Making Borders for a Baby Quilt

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How to make borders for a baby quilt; get expert tips and advice on making a quilt in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Shelly Cordsen and we are here with Expert We are making a beginners baby quilt. Okay, right now we are going to do borders and as the machine quilter, it is very critical you bring us your quilts really squared up because it shows off your quilt very well. Now we are going to pretend this is a finished quilt. This is the center here and we are going to add borders and by doing the method of borders, you will have your quilts squared up. Okay first border; I am going to put a border here and here which is technically if you look at the side of our quilt but in order to do that I need to measure. So I am going to take my first two borders and I am just going to lay them across the middle. So pretend this is your quilt and you are laying your borders across the middle and I need two, so I am going to take two, just kind of line them up this way and then I am going to just take my ruler come across here, line it up with my red fabric and just black that off. Come over here; I am going to turn so I do not cut my arm and whack. The object of this is to have each side even not one inch bigger than the other. Okay, right size together and you are going to pin beginning. You are going to pin at the end and you are going to pin in the middle. You are going to make that work when you sew it. Believe it or not quilts have to keep building and building, get bigger and bigger and the one way to square them up is this method and you have to force fit it to your border in order to square it up. I want each side top and bottom to be the same and size to be the same. So I am going to pin that and then you are going to take and you are going to sew your quarter inch down here and here and you are just going to hold those pins in as you sew force fit it and then we will turn it and we will be doing the other side in the next segment.


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