How to Stuff the Body of a Sock Puppet

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Learn how to stuff the body of a monkey sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

So I changed my mind, I am going to before I put the, I went ahead and I put the tail on, there it is. Whipped stitched right above the butt there. But before I put the arms on I decided I am going to go ahead and stuff the monkey for the most part. Get stuffing into the head and into the torso. So I can start seeing that the shape the monkey is going to have and decide kind of the placement of the arms. And I mean kind of at this point it kind of helps to start just putting some stuffing in to kind of get that three dimensional shape going on so it kind of helps you with placement of the arms and I guess other things. You know you don't have to necessarily do this project in the order we have done it. But alright so I am going to kind of work this towards the head here. Excuse me little monkey. But I am going to get in, here we go. Okay so first thing is there we go. See all that stuffing I put in is basically just filling the top of the head. Okay so this guy is going to need a lot of stuffing before he's ready to go. So I am just going to keep putting it in there. I am going to take a big old hand full of this and just you know it's only one way it's going in. So sorry little guy! But just keep doing it and then once we have a little bit of shape to the torso then we will look for the placement of some of the arms and go from there.


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