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Learn how to make a monkey eyes on a sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

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Video Transcript

The head's not stuffed yet but you can kind of imagine what this will look like when the head is filled with stuffing. And you know we kind of got the snout on already so that is good. A little three dimensional snout going on. So now it's just a matter of putting the rest of parts on and stuffing them. So you could do the ears next if you want. I am going to do the eyes next just because. You could do the ears first then the eyes. I am going to go ahead and do the eyes. I have got these plastic animal eyes that are used for making stuffed animals. You can get them at the sewing store, hobby store, and craft store. They kind of have these little ridges on the back that look like screw threads. They are not really screw threads. But basically you just have to kind of poke these into the fabric. Cut a little hole if you need to or you can just probably with the sock I might just be able to poke it through some of the threads. And then you have this other part that will come with the eye it's kind of like the I guess sort of like the snap or something like that. And then once you've put one into the other one on the front of the fabric you know where the eye is and one on the back side then you pinch them together. It will make a really nice tight fit and probably won't come out once you kind of get that together so. And again it's time to make an artistic decision about the placement of these eyes. So whatever you have them close together. You know you can have them kind of far apart. I'm going to kind of put these sort of close together. But you know how close do you want them to the snout? Do you want them high up? It just gives them a different look depending on where you put them you know. Two eyes close together you know far apart you now high low. So I am going to maybe do them you know maybe I don't know maybe about an half an inch above the snout. Let me try that. So I am going to kind of screw this, not really screw it in but I'm just kind of pushing it through the threads here. You can kind of see how that's working out. This is now the inside of it. There it goes. Okay. Check my placement. That looks pretty good. It looks really cute. So I am going to go back there to where the other side of the eye is. I lost it. Remember we are doing everything through the hiney hole of this little monkey. But anyway. There we go, got it. Going to put the little snap on, I am going to put the flat side against it and I am going to squeeze. You are going to hear it snap. Come on. There it goes. Snap one. Is one time enough? Let's see if one time is enough. Probably want to go a couple of more times to get it as tight as you can. But we've got an eye on our monkey now. Let me see if I can get one more snap out of it. There it went a little bit. So there we go. And once you have these eyes they are pretty permanent once you have them in. You just kind of there we go but there is another snap. So there it is that eye is not going anywhere. One eyed sock monkey. So we are going to put the other one in and do the ears after that.


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