How to Stuff the Snout of a Sock Puppet

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Learn how to stuff the snout of a sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

Alright so I've whipped it almost all the way around but I left a little opening. Why? Because before I close it up I am going to stuff the snout with some stuffing here. I've just kind of a stuffing here. I think this is just a poly fill. Now as with anything like a stuffed animal that gets stuffed you always put more in than you think you are going to need. Just because it does get mashed down over time. So it is always better to you know over stuff a little bit than to under stuff a little bit. I would say. So you know you always end up putting a lot more stuffing in than you think is going to go in. So I am going to just grab a little bit more and just kind of keep stuffing the snout till it looks kind of nice and fat sock monkey snout. And let's see I am getting close to maybe I will just put that in. That will be enough. Yeah there we go. Kind of massage it down. But and you kind of stretch it out. You have to kind of imagine kind of the three dimensional shape it will take once you kind of stuff the rest of the body. But that’s about enough stuffing. Actually I am going to put a little bit more in. I mean you see how much I have put in there. You think gosh, why are you putting so much stuffing in the snout? It's always better to put more in than you think you need. And there we go. We go a nice snouty snout on there. So to finish up I'm just going to fold the edge under of course I have stuffing in there now and just keep doing that whipping stitch until I get to the end and I am going to tie it off. And then we will have the snout done which is the most annoying part of the project. But then we will be done and then we will continue on with the rest of it.


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