How to Make the Whipping Stitch on a Sock Puppet

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Learn how to make the whipping stitch on a sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

So for the whipping stitch you are just my hand is inside underneath the snout I've got the brown part of the snout folded over going into the front of the sock and then up through the snout. And I am just going to kind of doing a stitching those little loops around there just like this. Kind of like doing a spiral around it. That's all it is. You know kind of keep following it on the inside with your finger and like I said this is probably close to the most difficult part of the project because you are kind of sewing a little pocket to the front but you can't really get inside of it to do so. So but anyway I am going to keep doing this whipping stitch around. I'm kind of in the bottom of the chin now. You can sort of stop half way to sort of see how things are and make sure that you are still square and that you are on track. I mean that you have not sewn the face to too much of the head. It looks pretty good. You know the nice thing about this stuff is because it is you know a stretchy kind of knit sock you can stretch it out a little bit. So if you feel like it's over to one side a little more just kind of start pulling it while you are sewing and just stretch it a little bit. So actually that's what I am going to do. I am going to fold it under. I am going to kind of stretch it a little bit and I am going to just keep going with the stitch and man will I be happy when this part of the project is done because I don't like doing this part. It gets kind of confusing and it's kind of like doing a rubics cube or something sometimes cause things kind of get all twisted up. Anyway I am going to keep doing this whipping stitch and hopefully before too long we will have the snout on and we can stuff it and move on to some other part of this project.


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