How to Sew Ears on a Monkey Sock Puppet

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Learn how to sew the ears on a monkey sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

So I've sewn up one of these two little ears but obviously can't sew it up all the way because the fold if you remember the way we cut it the flat part goes up against the head. Alright remember how we cut these out of the sock? So you can't obviously stitch it all the way around. You got to stitch it part way and then leave a little opening. And I've just left the thread dangling because I'm going to use that same thread to attach the ear to the head later. But I haven't turned it inside out yet so I am going to do that now. And I am going to just flip barely a big enough opening to do that. And just turn it, whoops there goes all kinds of sock fluff flying away. I'm just going to turn it inside out like all of the other pieces. But in there we have a little ear. And yeah like I said I just left the thread I used to stitch that ear up dangling because after I stuff the ear I am going to use that same thread to sew it to the side of the head. So there is one of the ears there. And there is the thread we use later. And now I will do the other one. Here it is. I am just going to, that is the way it was folded with the sock. So with everything else you do it inside out. So we fold it that way and just kind of get the two edges in the curve lined up. Yep, and again I'm just going to tie an knot, a new piece of thread, start there and stitch all the way around and leave like I said about a half an inch to turn it around and leave the thread hanging for later.


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