How to Sew Arms on Sock Puppets

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See a demonstration of how to sew the arms of a monkey sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

Okay, here is one of the little arms. I am making sure that it's wrong way out you know and again I am going to kind of start the stitch on the corner here. I have already got a knot in my thread. And I am just going to kind of like I said before kind of curve that stitch around so he will have a nice kind of round hand at the end of that arm. And then basically the same thing as making one of the legs. Remember you want to line up the white with the white and the brown with the brown when you kind of get to this point. And I am going to sew all the way up the seem but I am not going to sew it shut. Obviously I need to leave that tube open so I can stuff it and attach it to the body. So it is basically like doing the legs except you know they are not attached to the body. I am just going to kind of keep going with it. And like I say I think like I said before I'm keeping my stitches about an eighth of an inch apart. I mean if you were using a sewing machine and maybe you were making this for a child who really beats things up you obviously are going to want to do a much smaller stitch and a lot more stitches per inch. But you know I am just kind of doing this rough and dirty sock monkey. Sock monkeys are always rough and dirty. But anyway so you are doing this little curve. And another thing is socks are kind of stretchy. This knit fabric is pretty stretchy. So you have to kind of take care that you are not really stretching it to much as you are sewing but also if you pull the thread really tight, I can't really do it. I can't really show you because I don't have enough stitches in it but like any other sewing if you pull the thread really tight it is just going to bunch everything up and of course that is no good. You want it tight but not too tight so that it's going to cause the knit to scrunch up. So I am just going to keep going with this and when I get to the end seem I'm not going to close it up and then I will have a little hollow tube of sock and that will be one of his arms.


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