How to Stitch Legs of Sock Puppet

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Learn how to align the colors of the sock when making a monkey sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

Okay, monkeys inside out. I've got the leg folded over. I'm going to start close to the fold right cause the socks folded this way. So here's the fold from the outside. The natural outside of the sock. I've got my embroidery thread. I've got a knot in the end already. I'm just going to kind of run it right there and that will be where the knot goes and like I said I am going to kind of sort of curve the stitch around and go right up the in seam. So let's see I want to flip it around a little bit. So okay I am just going to kind of curve the stitch around. And you know if you use embroidery thread, embroidery thread is pretty robust you can do I mean depending on who you are going to give this too. I don't mind doing fairly course stitching. When I say fairly course I mean each stitch it doesn't bother me each stitch is an eight inch apart or even more. You know you don't have to get to precise with it. Cause like I say embroidery thread I mean we are doing three strands. It's pretty strong stuff. So I am just going to kind of stitch it here kind of around the foot. You see I am curving it a little bit and if you can't see that I will hold it up in a second so that you can see that. Okay, good. See I just kind have not really curved it but I have kind of angled it around. Okay so there we are. So now I am just going to run this you want to make sure that these are lined up. You don't want to get like any other project in sewing; you don't want to get to close to the edge. Especially you know on the sock. It's a knit material so you need to kind of be careful that you don't get to close to the edge so that if it unravels that the thread will stay in it. So I am just going to finish this seam all the way up and I am going to do the other side.


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