How to Cut Out Ears of Sock Puppets

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Learn how to cut out the ears when making a monkey sock puppet with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

Alright now I am going to cut a couple of ears out of this. And so this is not really tricky but it is just a little detailed. I'm going to fold, I mean it's already folded from the sock but I have the fold towards me and because an ear is kind of shaped kind of like a capitol letter D. Right? Kind of like a half circle. And so what I am going to do is but the ear has a front and a back and we are going to put stuffing into the ear. Just imagine kind of these big sort of jug ears. So what I am going to do is I have this piece of sock cut folded. The fold is towards me. I'm kind of rolling out these edges. See these edges like to curl up a little bit. I'm kind of uncurling them. So what I am going to do is. Do I have a little how about a little pen? Mr. Cameraman can you hand me a pen? Thank you very much. Whoo there we go. So what I am going to do just too kind of help myself out is I am just going to draw these ears. And so I like big silly monkey ears. So I am going to make them as big as I can. So I am going to kind of go kind of over here and just kind of draw a pattern. Remember this little hem under so you are not going to see those marks and then I am just kind of winging it here. I mean I think that is kind of a good skill to have in arts and crafts is to sort of make things up as your go along. But so let's see how does that look? So those are about approximately equivalent. Okay but the fold is towards me so basically if I cut this out I am going to have a big oval a big egg shape. It won't really be a circle cause it is kind of bulges out that way kind of like a big oval. But now I am just going to with the fabric doubled up I am going to cut each of those out and I will do that right now. And then each one will become the piece of sock that we use to make and ear. So we will do the first one. And remember it's folded so I am kind of cutting through two layers of sock at once here. And you know why I like sock monkeys? I will tell you something you know sock monkeys kind of had a popularity boom again with the past five to ten years. I mean they went out of style for a while. In fact I remember in the nineties nobody knew what sock monkeys where. I mean sure people did because they had been around for a while but they weren't' everywhere. You know like they weren't on the Paul Frank logo. I mean Paul Frank wasn't around yet. And there wasn't the Tony millionaire sock monkey book. And you know sock monkeys you know you couldn't find sock monkeys at every holiday store and little gift store. I mean they had kind of gone out of style. You know sort of an old fashioned thing. I mean they were rediscovered you know about five to ten years ago. Anyway all I am saying is when I was a little girl my mother made me sock monkeys and I still have them back at my parent's house in New Mexico and handmade ones from my mother. And so you know I like showing you how to make sock monkeys cause it actually is a family tradition on my family. And I am thirty five years old and so those were made thirty five years ago. Which is way before Paul Frank was ever around, that is for dang sure. Anyway there we go. Here's our little ears. And look at that whoop that is what it looks like when you open it. But basically just imagine that we are going to sew these into little pillows and those will become this gigantic ridiculous sock monkey ears. So there are the parts and so basically the next thing we are going to do is put it together.


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