Different Sock Types for Sock Puppets

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Learn the different types of socks used for monkey sock puppets with expert crafting tips in this free video clip on arts and crafts for children.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet
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Video Transcript

You don't have to use the classic sock monkey sock. A lot of people like to for a couple of reasons. This is a sock that's known as a red heel sock. I know they're made by a company called Rockford that now sells them almost exclusively for sock monkey kits. Kind of the weird thing about these socks is look how long the toe part is. It's like a size 18 or something. I actually tried putting these on as socks once and I had about this much dangling off the end of the toe. Anyway, these are popular for sock monkeys. These socks have been around for probably over 100 years. The reason they're popular for sock monkeys is because the heel already kind of looks like a little mouth. It's not just a different color because it's white, but it has a little mouth there. This is also what they use for the sock monkey's rear end, so it's kind of cute. Then also the fact that you have like a white tip here and kind of white tips here kind of makes for a nice monkey. I do want to say that I think you can make some really cool sock monkeys out of other kinds of socks, especially if they still have a heel and a toe of different color than the rest of the sock. There's so many different socks out there. There's argyle socks and striped socks and whatever. Here's some examples. Here's a sock out of the laundry. You wouldn't look at this and say I can make a sock monkey out of that, but you might be able to make kind of an interesting one. It still has a heel that's a different color. You could make a mouth there. You can make a rear end out of it. The top is kind of a different color too, so that's like the top of the head. Don't feel like if you want to make a sock monkey, you have to be limited to the real sock monkey socks because I think you can make some really cool ones if you use other types. For sake of staying classic, we're going to use the real sock monkey sock today.


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