Organizing Kitchen Utensil Drawers

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Learn how to organize kitchen utensil drawers in these free videos on how to organize your house.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Katrina Cameron and I’m going to show you how to organize that infamous utensil drawer in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at this example drawer that I have. You can definitely get big size containers at a drug store or a home store. These are great because they give you slots for the big items that are overly bulky. It’s important to keep your knives in a slited drawer organizer because that way your blades don’t cut your fingers. Also, you can keep one large that goes into two slits on this particular container, or you can use two knives for one in each slit. Some great organizing gadgets and gizmos that I like in my kitchen are you know this is for separating egg whites from your eggs. This really makes it so you don’t make a mess all over your kitchen and you just crack the egg and you let it drop through there. I also like using this for tuna fish. If you’re making tuna fish lunches and sandwiches, you open a can and then you push down and the water seeps up and you can throw it out. Items that should be inside of a drawer are more of your gadgety type of items. Items like cooking spoons and whisks and ladles should be on the countertop in a canister that you can use when you cook. So there you go, the idea is to also be making sure that you throw out items that are getting old and crusty like a turkey baster. This rubber disintegrates after a few years, so you want to make sure that everything is hygienic and kept clean. I also like to keep myself honest when I’m putting things away in my kitchen by labeling drawers. I know it seem a little bit silly but when you’re changing habits about organizing it’s really important to install very meticulous habits, because then it becomes second nature. So I like to use labeling system to put whatever the drawer is supposed to have in it. You can duplicate this throughout the rest of your drawers in your kitchen.


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