How to Cut Graham Crackers to Make a Gingerbread House

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Learn easy-to-follow instructions for how to cut graham crackers when making a graham cracker gingerbread house with expert tips in this free Christmas craft video.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, I'm going to show you how to cut your graham crackers to create the graham cracker house. As I said earlier, we need fourteen full crackers to create this house. The lengths of the house are going to be two full crackers, as well as the roof. Each piece of the roof will use two full crackers. Even though you can design your house in whatever shape you want using as many crackers, we're just going with the standard rectangular shaped house. So we'll have two longer sides, and we need to create the two shorter sides, so using our knife we're going to cut a quarter end piece off, Pushing slightly into the cracker first and then straight down. And don't worry if an edge breaks off; you know, you'll be covering it up with all that icing. Sometimes these don't always go perfectly straight. So we have one for each end of the house, and those are doubled up as well, double height. So we need four. I rock my blade in, and then push down. See, there was one that didn't cut straight, but it's okay. You're gonna cover it up with icing. Now, we need to create our triangle that the roof is gonna rest on so we do the same thing. Cutting a quarter edge off, and then we find the middle point, the mid point, and match it to the edge at the bottom and we cut. Mid point to the other. Whoop, That one didn't work so well. It's okay, we've got plenty of graham crackers. Sometimes that happens. If it's not too destroyed, you could just go glue it all together. We'll get another graham cracker over here. I actually have one already cut, so we'll use that and this. That's how you cut your graham crackers.


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