How to Gift Wrap a Box

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Gift wrapping ideas and techniques in this free video on creative gift wrapping ideas, starting with how to wrap a box, with unique techniques for working with wrapping paper.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Diana and I am going to show you how to do the simplest kind of gift-wrapping that I know how. I have my box that I am going to wrap and I have my wrapping paper laid out with topside down and I have to find out how much paper I need to wrap this gift. So you can measure each side of the box but the way I like to do it is I just put the box upon its side and I put the paper half way up the side of the box. This is how much you will need on the end. Then I roll my box along so that I can see how much paper I need to cover every side. Then I put place my box and cut the same amount that is on this end on the other end. Now I am going to put my box with the top down and place it approximately in the middle of the paper and I’m going to get one little piece of tape ready here and you fold the end up; I like to put a little fold in the end. I like to fold a little piece of the bottom of paper over so that I have a nice smooth edge, pull it tight as you can and stick it to the box leaving even amounts hanging over on the sides. Now I am going to turn it over. I am going to make my fold on the edge so I have a smooth edge, turn it over, hold it tight, get my little piece of tape and tape it to the box. Now I have the ends which now are just opened to. I’m going to fold down the top and crease the edges like little wings, fold down the top all the way to corner and crease and then fold those in to the bottom and crease it. I like to crease them tightly so it makes a very smooth edge. I take my little piece of tape and I just put one piece of tape at the end; I think it looks cleaner. Of course, you just want to make sure it is closed as much as possible. Now I’m going to do the other side, hold it down all the way to the corner and crease it like little wings and then fold those sides in, crease, fold the next side in and crease it, one long piece of tape, hold it up tightly, one on the end and now you have your seam on the bottom and a nicely wrapped package.


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