How to Crumble Cheese for Queso Fresco for Beef Picadillo Poblano Peppers

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Learn how to crumble queso fresco for beef picadillo poblano peppers with expert cooking tips in this free Mexican cuisine video clip.

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Video Transcript

Okay, so now that we have everything else cooking, we're going to go ahead and get some of the garnish and the filling for the picadillo ready. What I got here is some queso fresco. It's a cows milk cheese. It's a really nice and salty, sweet and hard. But it's also very crumbly. It has a really unique nice flavor to it. I'm going to use probably about 1/2 of this container here. You can usually find this cheese in a Mexican section of your store if they have it. If not, don't worry about it. You can use goat cheese. It will be really nice. I probably wouldn't use Feta cheese but it may be nice if you try that. But really any kind of crumbly cheese. If you have a hard time finding any of that, even fresh mozzarella would be fine to use or Monterey Jack would be good too. What I'm going to do is crumble this whole half of block here. This will probably crumble, make 1/2 cup or so of cheese. We are going to use most of it for our picadillo filling. We're going to fold into that. So when our poblano peppers bakes, it bakes into that as well. Then we're going to save some of it and use it for garnish at the very end of our meal here. So I got it nice and crumbled and whenever it's all crumbled this is what its going to look like.


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