How to Pick Out Yams or Sweet Potatoes

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Smaller yams will have less stringy fibers than larger sweet potatoes. Learn about picking out yams at a grocery store or supermarket in this free video on fresh produce and vegetables.

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Video Transcript

Today we are going to talk about how to choose a fresh or ripe yam or sweet potato. A misconception on the yam, sweet potato, they?re all sweet potatoes. Yams are sweet potatoes. Yams are pretty much just a extra large sweet potato. But anyway, sometimes the sign will say yams, sometimes it'll say sweet potatoes. Basically the same thing. You're looking for a smaller one that is, it's going to have less of the stringy fibers in them. These big ones are just, if you were to cook this one and eat it, you're just going to find a lot more of those really long stringy thick fibers in them. You're going to maybe have to have a toothpick while eating it, you know, whereas, with a small one, you're going to stay away from that really thick fibers and definitely, not as many of them. The big ones are just a little bit overgrown. It's almost like a vein, it's just going to be a really thick fiber in there. You want to stay away from the really large ones. Stay away from any soft bruising spots. Don't want to go with any real soft spots. Little knicks like that, or little marks on the, all of them have little marks on them. Nothing to worry about. When you peel them, you can just take that off. If you have a little opening on the end, you could just cut those right off. It's just like a potato, if there's a little bad spot on them, you just cut it right off when you're peeling them. So, you're looking for the small ones, and not the large ones. You're going to have less fiber in the small one, little stringy fibers anyway. Look for the small ones.


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