How to Bottle Homemade Wine

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Heat wine bottles in the oven before bottling the homemade fruit wine. Learn to bottle organic homemade wine in this free wine making video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Homemade Fruit Wine
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Video Transcript

Okay, now we're ready to bottle the wine and here we've gotten wine bottles and we've cleaned them. We've even taken the labels off of them and we've put these bottles in the oven at a hundred and ninety five for fifteen minutes. And that sterilizes this bottle so that there's no contaminants in here and so the wine stays nice. So we're going to go into the wine and pull it out and we're going to start pouring it into there. And you want to do this fairly slow. You don't want to stir it up and get it all bubbly. You want to do it nice and slow down the side of the bottle, not to excite the wine and get it all full of oxygen. So we want, we want this to be a very very slow process and easy process so that the wine enjoys its ride into the bottle. There we pour and pour and, usually, about four cups fills a bottle. And we're just going to keep on pouring it in here till that dude is filled up. You've got to be careful, you don't want to fill it up too far because we're going to have to make room for the cork. So we're going to fill that up to just where it's starting to go up through the neck of the bottle. Right about there. Okay, so we can hang that on the side, keep it there, and here's our first bottle of good blueberry peach wine. We've sampled it and the consensus is it's very good.


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