When is Homemade Wine Ready?

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Organic homemade wine is ready for bottling when it is clear, the bubbles have stopped, and the yeast and sugar played well. Learn to spot ready organic wine at home in this free wine making video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Homemade Fruit Wine
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Video Transcript

Alright, now it's time to figure out when to take the wine, when is it ready to put in the bottles and possibly even take a taste and see if it's ready. So what we're looking for in the wine is when you start a bottle of wine, there's going to be a bubbling effect. And this wine's been working for awhile but this bottle of wine still has bubbles that are bubbling up constantly. And it's a visual thing, you can see them. When you first start up a wine it's bubbling really fast, so you will, you will know exactly what you're supposed to be looking for because when it stops bubbling and it's clear, as you can see with this wine here. You can see light going through it and very clear. If you hold up this wine here, you can see it's still cloudy and it's not ready yet. And in this particular wine here, there wasn't, there was more yeast than there was sugar and the yeast played out the sugar. If it was still bubbling and was real sweet wine, then you put too much sugar in it and it played out the yeast. So you've got to, there's a fine line between yeast and sugar so that you don't play one out before the wine's ready. So, in this case right here, with this blueberry peach wine, it's clear, it's not bubbling anymore so it's ready to take and bottle.


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