Filtering Homemade Wine

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When filtering wine, don't just strain it; wring the fruit in a cloth and squeeze all the liquid you can get out of it. Learn to filter a batch of organic wine at home in this free wine making video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Homemade Fruit Wine
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Video Transcript

Ok now we're at the stage where now in the process of making the wine, this bucket here has been digesting the fruit for seven days, the yeast has been devouring the sugar and uh also the sugar and fruit too, breaking it down making it soft and uh and ready to uh to further move on through the wine process. Now at this point I'd like to use a strainer like this and dip it into the wine. And we would have the fruit in here, and dump the fruit in here, and at that point the juice from the wine is all dripping through, and I'm using a cloth here that?s an organic cloth. Once you got the fruit in there you would gather this up like this, with the fruit in it, and you would start twisting this, and the fruit would start juicing out juicing out all the great juices through the colander and into the pot down here. You would keep on doing this until you have yourself a full pot of the prepared wine. You would keep pulling it out until you finally got through all the fruit, and eventually you would pour all the juice in here filtering it out, all the fruit debris so all you would end up with is the juice of the fruit.


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