Tying Legs & Wings for Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

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Learn how to tie the legs and wings together for rotisserie chicken with gravy with expert cooking tips in this free comfort food cuisine video clip.

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I am going to show you how to make a Rotisserie Chicken. Okay, before you could actually put this chicken in the rotisserie, you are going to have to tie the legs and the wings because you don't want the wings to flop around and heat your heating coil or heating element. So basically any type of string is pretty good to use. It is cooking string of course. Go to your supermarket. It is in your cooking aisle there. I am sure you can find it. Just tie your knot and then tie another knot and just make sure it is tight. What you want to do is just pull that side and grab the other leg and go around it. You are just going to go around it. So you are just going to go around the other leg and pull that tight. If you pull it tight, so you get them nice and tight, right. You are going to go up to the wing. I went straight up. Here's the wing. You are going to go around the wing like so and you will see there is a little hook there inside the other wing. I usually put the rope right in there. You see that. That little wing inside the wing. Put my rope right in there. Come around and do the same thing this way coming around the wing. So it is all inside. This again, will prevent your wings from hitting the heating element. So you get it around like that and pull on its side and again, give it a good tug coming around the chicken this way and just bring it down back to where you started and then you've got it. Maybe enough to give you a way to put it all together. Give it a good pull, go through once and your chicken is ready to go inside our rotisserie but before that you have to season it, this baby. Come back and I will show you how to do that. We are making Rotisserie Chicken here at Expert Village. Having fun yet?


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