How to Tie Up a Pork Roast

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Learn how to tie a pork roast in this free cooking video.

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Video Transcript

And the fun part, tying the roast. So we are going to take our roast and kind of face it out from us and we are going to take a whole lot of string, more than you could ever think you could possibly need and we are going to take the ugly side. Because there is a good looking side and a bad looking side to a roast so we are going to put it ugly side up and we are just going to loop it around like this. We are going to just basically start tying it like you would tie your shoelaces and we are going to tie a knot here and we want the knot in the center. So what we are going to do is we are going to take our string now and take our hand and we are going to wrap the string around our hand like that and we are going to come back and across and what we have done now is keep pulling the string across here. I’ve got a lot of sting, is we have made our first loop and we are going to put that over our pork if our pork will cooperate and we are going to pull that tight. What will happen is these will start to walk around one side so you want to try to make sure that your orient it, that it doesn’t do this, so all you are doing here is making loops just like this. All right and set it on the pork and you are going to pull it taut and the reason you do this is so the pork roast holds it shape and it holds all the juices inside and you see it is starting to kind of walk around on me here. So I am going to have to try and correct it here at the last second. Yeah, the reason you do this is to make it hold its shape and try to provide even cooking because if it is loose in one spot and tight in another it will cook unevenly so. Oh this one is giving me some hassle, the escaping pork roast, so that’s it, give it a tug. Now that we are at the end we are going to take our string and we are going to run it back on the other side and we are going to alternate it through the threads here so we will go under the first one, over the second one, under the third one, back around oops, back out of there, and we are going to wrap it right around this piece here. The last piece that it went under and we make another loop and knot this off and there we go, that’s how you tie a roast, now just cut off your string and there you have it, a little two pound roast, ready to go.


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