Adding Baking Soda to a Peanut Brittle Recipe

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Learn how to add baking soda to make a recipe for peanut brittle in this free baking video on holiday desserts.

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As you can see we're at three hundred degrees. We were at two ninety and I killed the heat and it has kind of crept upwards a little bit. What you want to do now that we've killed the heat is get this spread out onto a sheet pan. What we're going to do is take a towel and grab the thermometer because it's super, super, super hot. About three hundred degrees obviously. We're going to place it somewhere nice and safe, maybe a glass of water for it to cool off. We're going to take this, be really careful when you grab the spatula because it's probably going to be really hot too, this one actually is. We're going to stir all the way to the bottom. I'm actually going to crab hold of the spatula. We're going to put in our baking soda now, you want to do this pretty quickly and not put any lumps in there if you can help it. You've got to watch out because this is going to rise on you really fast. Grab this with a towel, start stirring and you'll see when the heat hits it, it's going to start rising and it's going to make this big sloppy, foamy mess. This is another reason why you want to use a pan that is a lot taller than the ingredients you work with. You can see here how it fluffs up. If I were not stirring this it would fluff all the way to the top of the bowl.


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