How to Serve a Christmas Ham

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Learn how to carve and serve your baked Christmas ham in this free holiday recipe video on cooking a Christmas ham.

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Alright, so we've come out of the oven after ten minutes and this is going to be really, really hot. So I always open it with tongs. Because I don't want to burn my hands. You can see all the steam coming right out there. So, generally it's a good idea to proceed with great caution when doing this. There we go and you can see the ham has taken on a slightly different color. It's going to be a little bit darker. That's because of the infusion basically that we've just done. So what I'm going to do now is, I'm just going to grab my knife. Let's see if I can grab a hold of this and flip it over and show you the color it's turned. And see the bottom is much darker color as well. Not sure how really well you can see it on the camera there. Let me see if I can get hold of the whole ham here. Well no. It's going to be a bit delicate I think. It's moving around on me. Let's see if I can grab the whole thing. May not be able to what with it being this hot. Oh, there we go. Well kind of. I'll just turn the whole pan around and you can see how the bottom has taken on a whole different color. It's a lot darker here too. So you just take your knife, say I want this piece obviously. I'll grab hold of this. There's a piece and you can see it's also permeated the inside as well. And so to slice this, there's no really easy way to slice ham off the bone. First thing first, let it cool for about twenty minutes. Then basically you can see, you can work in quadrants. You can work here, then here and here and here. Basically you have like three or four quadrants, pardon me, that you can work with. Basically what you're going to do is , you're just going to go to the bone and just kind of work at the bone and work on getting the meat off the bone. If you're not trying to win any sort of beauty prizes, you can just start hacking away at the outsides just for chopped ham. But if you want to keep it looking nice you can go right along this line right here with your knife or even once it cools off you can actually take a couple of pairs of tongs or even your hands and almost break it right off. That's how tender this should be. This is so tender, you can just grab a hold of a piece and it just falls off just like that. Oops. So. Anyway that is our ham. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I hope you're going to enjoy eating your ham and I'm going to enjoy eating this. So thanks a lot for watching it and look for more of my videos. Have a good holidays.


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