Transferring Fondant onto Princess Cake

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Add decorations to your princess cake with fondant. Learn how to transfer fondant from the table to the cake in this free video clip about decorating a princess birthday cake.

Part of the Video Series: Decorating a Princess Doll Cake
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Video Transcript

Now I'll show you how to transfer the fondant sheet on to the cake. If you use a rolling pin like this, a large rolling pin, and kind of fold the fondant on to it, and then pick it up and just gently wrap the fondant around the cake. And you want to use, do the front, will be this center and then in the back, leave the back for the joint and that way you can, the front is the pretty part, and if you make any mistakes that'll be in the back. Okay? And then you just take a knife and trim off the excess and you can kind of stretch and then flatten and mold that any way that you like. And you see we have our little flounces. Okay, in the back we have a lot of excess. So we want to cut that and make a join. So just trim away carefully the excess here and around the plate. And then, try to do it as neatly as possible, trim that away and you can just kind of pinch it closed. You can also use just a tiny amount of water as glue in any places that you want to stick it a little better. And take a knife and trim it. You always want to put your seam in the back. And you can trim that up. And then just smooth and wipe off any extra confectioners sugar that you have. And you can smooth and mold the fondant. And in the end, you can put a ribbon or something down the back so that you don't see the seam. And then continue to just smooth and trim all the way around. Here in the front I will just gently, without pulling the fondant too much, trim away. And we're going to put a little border on the bottom of the skirt, so anything that doesn't look neat won't show. You can tuck it in a little bit. Brush off any extra confectioners? sugar, being careful not to squash or make any hand prints in the cake.


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