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Learn how to bake a delicious pound cake recipe with expert advice and tips in this free baking desserts video on making a pound cake.

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Today, I'm going to show you how to make a nice simple pound cake. Okay. So, it's been a second. Let's go ahead and drop this down one last time, make sure we get everything off the sides. Which I think we just did. Give it a, this will actually stir the top of the mixture. Then just raise this up. Give it one good stir and we are ready to go at this point into our pan, and into the oven. So here we are with our pan. And I'm just shaking up the aerosol ingredient here. I'm just going to give it a nice once over basically so. Taking care you hit the corners. That tends to be where it sticks. And this is a flour based spray. Specifically designed for baking. I wouldn't use the normal everyday household brand we're used to seeing in the yellow can, cause it doesn't work very well for baking. So I'm just shaking the batter mix off of the blade, off the whip there. First we're going to take our mix here and go right into the pan and we're going to fill it almost to the top. This should come right up near the edge of this pan. There we are. So now we take this, kind of shake it, jiggle it. What we're doing here by slamming it against the counter is we're knocking any large bubbles out of it. That's referred to as tunneling. Anything that's tunneling inside of it, you'll get these long bubbles that are pushed all the way through and create holes. There's no way to completely and totally eliminate bubbles in your cake. If you did it would be thick as a brick and you'd be able to smash it through a windshield and you don't want that. So, just a few taps like I did and you're ready to go. So now I'm going to put this in the oven. Three hundred degrees for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. I'm going to check on it in an hour and see how it looks. I'm going to stick a cake tester in it. If it comes out clean then we're good. Otherwise another fifteen minutes. So in we go and I'll see you in about an hour to an hour fifteen.


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