Soak Rice Paper for Vegetable Spring Rolls

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Discover tips for soaking rice paper in water to make homemade vegetable spring rolls and Thai peanut sauce with expert cooking tips in this free video recipe.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Lori Schneider from Austin, Texas and owner of Figs Catering on behalf of Expert Village we are going to show you how to make vegetable spring rolls with a Thai peanut sauce. So now all I got all of my vegetables prepped for my vegetable spring rolls and we are going to go ahead and start to actually rolling our spring rolls. To do that again I got my rice paper here, see it is completely dry and the best thing to do is to have a bowl of water ready to go. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to gently get my rice paper wet. It is kind of something that you have to play with cause you want to make sure you get it wet enough to where it is pliable but to where it disintegrate on you. So I'm just going to like run it in here and really I could have put it in a bigger bowl and just stuck the whole thing in there. We are going to let it get wet for about 20 seconds and so and as you can see it is starting to become more pliable just perfect. I'm just going to give it just a little bit more time. These can tare and if they do don't even worry about it you can still use them even if they tare. You do have to get use to working with them so don't be frustrated if you can not get it in the first try. It took me a few times to get use to. Alright these are looking pretty good. As you can see these have a little bit more texture to it and actually I'm going to let it go for just another minute. Another few seconds not a minute but there you go it is starting to get more pliable. You can really feel it. A lot of times whenever you are making these you are making more them one and as you are rolling one you are having another one soaking. So keep that in mind. Alright almost there, almost there okay it looks like we are ready. Okay as you can see it is completely pliable and all I'm going to do is I'm going to lay it on my cutting board with a paper towel on. Just kind of get any of the excess water off of it and I'm just going to lay it on my cutting board and here you want to be really careful with them cause they are fragile and you don't want to tare. So we are going to work quickly and fold them from the center.


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