Removing Side Spring Screens for Window Washing

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Watch a seasoned professional demonstrate how to remove side spring screens for window washing in this free online video about home care.

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Video Transcript

This is Christopher Lyman with We are going to try and get this hard water behind this screen here. In one of the other videos I showed you how to take off a screen. This is a different type of screen and I want to go through the steps. This one is spring loaded to the side. You can tell where the clips are from the inside. You can take this off from the inside as well but since we are outside, we just want to keep moving along, we are going to try and take the window screen off from the outside. You see that the springs are loaded here so you are going to want to push the screen to this direction. You could see this moving this way. I like to use a butter knife. You don't want to use a fat head tip screwdriver or anything that is going to be real abrasive and bend your screen when you put in there. You just want something that is gonig to slide to the side. It's giving me trouble and doesn't want to pop right out. I like to push at a different angle so I am going to push at the bottom of this screen down here while I pull at the top here. If that doesn't work, I'll find another angle on the screen where it is tight. See the corners are where you've got to watch out for. You got to see where it is getting held up. It is getting held up on these corners so I am going to lift up on the screen lightly and as I am pushing in and pulling out, that just popped out like that. You want to be careful though not to really winch on that screen, you'll bend it and you will get a really upset homeowner if you are doing this professionally. Then once you've got it popped, you can lightly push in, work out slowly. There is no reason to get in a rush and yank this screen out. They bend really easy, they are aluminum and you want to be careful when you pull them out.


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