Using Boiling Water for Cleaning a Microwave

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Learn about the boiling water technique that will help to better clean a kitchen appliance in this free how-to video on cleaning a microwave.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you how to clean your microwave from the inside out. The first method of cleaning that I'm going to show you is what I call the boiled water technique. You're going to take either a microwave proof bowl or this nice glass measuring cup. You want about a cup of water in here and you're just going to put it in the microwave. Just about anywhere will do now that we've got our turn table take out. We're going to heat that water up for about 2 minutes. You want to get the water really steamy. It doesn't need to boil, but what you're going to want to do is create a steam bath for the inside of the microwave. Let's turn it on. We'll come back in a couple of minutes. Okay, our water has been heated. If you were doing this at home, you would let it stay in the microwave with the microwave close for about 2-3 more minutes just to let the steam really penetrate. For purposes of today, I'm just going to show you what happens now. Everything has been steamed up nicely, so our food particles are going to come off a lot more easily now. You might still have some stuck on ones. You can use this technique more than once. You can see this stuff on the bottom of the microwave is coming up much more nicely. I've got some stuff on the door, which is still sticking a little bit. By using this method, you're avoiding the use of any type of chemical cleaner, which is great. This is a natural way of cleaning your microwave oven. It's effective, particularly if you leave that water in for a few more minutes for that steam to really get through to everything. Once you've gotten some of the easier things off, then we can go on to another method of cleaning.


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