How to Put a Disassembled Chair Back Together

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Put front and back of a wood chair together again. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Glue a Wood Chair
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Video Transcript

Now that we've got our front assembled and ready to go, our back has been assembled, it's been drying for a while, we're going to take the clamps off over here. Get our back laid out and we're going to apply glue to all our joints, they are clean and fresh and ready to go. We're going to apply all our glue to the holes, that we're ready to go to but I'm going to avoid that step right now, just to show you how to put it back together. Once we get everything glued back together, we start lining up all our joints and again, we don't want to hit it while it's up in the air, we want to bring everything to the edge of the table so have support. Just gently tap it in, work one side at a time. Once we get everything lined up and fairly snug, we don't have to be really tight right now, we just want to make sure we've got it tight enough where we can stand the chair back up. We want to make sure the chair is leveled because, if it starts to rock a little bit, what we want to do is, figure out which side is rocking and we're going to pull the pressure on that side. First we are going to tighten up these joints with the clamps. On the bottom, we just want to snug it up, make the stretcher tight and then we'll take this clamp back off and use it on the other side. Once you pull everything up and everything is snug, you can remove that one and go to the other side and apply pressure here, same thing. We want to put an equal amount of pressure here; we're not trying to crush it but get it nice and snug and the same with the bottom. If you see the white there, we want to pull that up, until it disappears into the chair. Once you get to that point, you can take the bottom clamps off, turn it around, see if it's fairly sturdy now, if not what we can do, is put a clamp from front to back and pull into square, get those legs to stabilize. Other than that, that's it. We've brought the chair back together again. We've got the front and back together, all our marks line up. Everything is tight and snug. We're going to let that sit and dry for 24 hours and then we'll come back and work on the next process.


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